Helping you to help your patient


Together we share a common goal: to improve the health and quality of life of patients. Our mission is to help you help your patients to do more, feel better and live longer.

We are changing the way we work with HCPs - to ensure that all our interactions with you are open, transparent and meet your needs.

We continue to support medical education: We provide grants to independent organisations that deliver medical education. This arms-length approach will minimise any risk of perception of bias.

We remain open to supporting HCPs to attend scientific conferences, but only through funding to third parties so that GSK is not directly involved in the decisions relating to the selection of HCPs.

New ways of funding Independent Medical Education

Independent medical education (IME) comprises educational activities in disease areas in which GSK has marketed products. These activities serve to develop the knowledge and practice of healthcare professionals in order that they can make the most appropriate treatment decisions for their patients. IME activities are supported at arm's-length by GSK: free from influence on content development, as well as faculty, participant and logistics selection.

GSK funding for IME provides a balanced perspective on the range of scientific information and therapeutic options in these disease areas that helps build trust and credibility in GSK.

In China, GSK supports IME in therapeutic areas including hepatitis, respiratory and central nervous system (CNS), to deliver our commitment of being in China, with China, for China.

Please find the IME topics and related general information:

Disease Area

IME topic

IME provider


The diagnosis and management of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Haoyisheng Medical Education Centre


Interpretation of Chinese Guideline for Asthma Prevention and    Management(basic)

Haoyisheng Medical Education Centre


The diagnosis and management of COPD and patient health improvement

People’s Medical Publishing House


Medical education on obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) diagnosis and treatment

Shanghai Mental Health Association


Depression diagnosis and treatment skill improvement education based on advanced psychopharmacology

Cross-Straits Medicine Exchange Association


Epilepsy Syndrome training class

China Association Against Epilepsy


2015 Annual Meeting of Neuroelectrophysiology, CMAAB, and Seminar on Research Advance in Epilepsy and Clinical Neuroelectrophysiology

Anhui Provincial Medical Association


Hep-B prevention and treatment and patient health improvement

China National Health Development Research Center


New progress in viral hepatitis and  liver disease seminar

Chinese Medical Doctor Association