GSK and the British Council Extend the UK-China Health and Economy Partnership

GSK and the British Council today announced the signing of the official agreement to extend the UK-China Health and Economy Partnership.

The UK-China Health and Economy Partnership is a novel knowledge transfer initiative promoting long-term collaboration in pharmacoeconomics between leading academic institutions in China and the UK. The partnership is designed to create significant impact for Chinese patients and the economy by generating new health economics expertise.

The UK-China partnership was originally launched in Jinan, Shandong province in November 2017, organised by Bournemouth University to connect pharmaeconomics experts from China and the UK. With the extension of the partnership, GSK and the British Council will strengthen collaboration between UK and Chinese universities for two years from September 2018.

Science and technology are transforming the way we research diseases and improving how patients are diagnosed and treated. Rapid advances in digital technologies, especially in the field of data analytics, are enabling researchers to explore and interpret ever-larger volumes of biological data more efficiently and effectively than ever before, unlocking new scientific opportunities to develop new healthcare solutions.

This partnership aims to create a long-term, sustainable partnership in health economics, which will give UK and Chinese scholars the means to work together on world-class outcomes not possible working alone.

A total fund of £420,000 will be provided by GSK to extend the UK-China Health and Economy Partnership. In addition, Bournemouth University will provide £40,000 per year in Postgraduate Research Funding.

Liam Fox, the UK Secretary of State for International Trade, said, I’m excited to witness the extension of the UK-China Health and Economy Partnership. I’m confident that the partnership will build important long-term collaboration between world-leading universities in the UK and China as we collectively work to advance healthcare and medical expertise.”

“We are delighted to see UK universities working with China to further collaboration in the field of pharmacoeconomics. This initiative is a significant contribution to the already active UK-China relationships in higher education and we are pleased that the British Council’s Partnership Innovation Challenge Fund supported its establishment, with substantial funding support coming from GSK.” said Carma Elliot, Director China at the British Council.

Emma Walmsley, Chief Executive Officer, GSK said, “The UK-China Health and Economy Partnership is part of our commitment to support China’s Healthy China 2030 blueprint and transform the health, lives, and future of people in China. The initiative will strengthen pharmacoeconomics studies in China and generate new health economics expertise through innovative and sustainable partnerships between world-leading universities in the UK and China. We’re confident that this will have positive impact on Chinese patients and Chinese economy.”

GSK in China with China for China

GSK is committed to supporting the healthcare reform of the Chinese government and to ensuring that Chinese patients can access our innovative treatments targeting their specific needs. As part of our strategy to be "in China, with China, for China", we have achieved the following milestones in recent years:

  • Announced dual bronchodilators Anoro launched in China Providing long-term, once-daily medication for COPD in Aug 2018.

  • Announced Dolutegravir recommended by WHO as the preferred first-line AIDS treatment in latest guidelines in Aug 2018.

  • Announced to aid China government’s hepatitis prevention and treatment programme in Jul 2018.

  • Cervarix is approved for cervical cancer prevention in female population aged 9-45 years in May


  • Announced Flixotide Nebules launched in mainland China for acute exacerbations of childhood

    asthma in May 2018.

  • The Chinese Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control and GSK China sign MOU for

    AIDS prevention and control through online physician education in May 2018.

  • GSK China partners with JD to drive “Internet + Healthcare” to improve patient experience and

    access to healthcare in May 2018.

  • Anoro Ellipta, a new once-daily dual bronchodilators treatment for COPD, was approved in March


  • Announced innovative antiretroviral Single Tablet Regimen Triumeq was officially launched in January 2018.

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